Where Electronics Begins, And So Much More

Get ready for ES Design West.


When the Electronic Design Automation Consortium (EDAC) first coined the phrase “Where Electronics Begins” 20 years ago, little did we know how true it is, especially today as we move further into the system-centric era. In those days, EDA tools and methodologies were must-haves for chip designers. The system was only a minor consideration for the EDA community as was the semiconductor supply chain. The chip was the center of the universe — but that is changing.

More than ever, our system and semiconductor design ecosystem is critical to the ongoing success and growth of the electronic product manufacturing and supply chain, a $2-trillion global market. In today’s world, “Where Electronics Begins” is not where it ends. The expanded system-centric focus of our ecosystem recognizes that an electronic device fits in smaller geometries, is more complex, higher performing and uses less energy than ever before. As a result of this system view, neglecting the manufacturing process is not an option.

That’s why EDAC became the Electronic System Design (ESD) Alliance in 2017 to take a more system-centric view and better support the larger electronic system and semiconductor design ecosystem. Our reach expanded beyond traditional EDA to include companies in IP, embedded software, design services, design infrastructure, and advanced system packaging. While chips continue to be important, they are a key part of the end product, but not the end product. The system is the end product.

2018 brought more transformation to this market ecosystem as the ESD Alliance merged with SEMI and became its newest SEMI Strategic Association Partner. As a global organization, SEMI understands that semiconductor and manufacturing innovation would not be doable without the system and semiconductor design ecosystem. The synergy works as the ESD Alliance brings the design ecosystem into SEMI’s equation, where its mission embraces the entire electronic product manufacturing and supply chain.

2019 brings the design and the electronics supply chain even closer together as planning continues for a new industry venue called ES Design West for all participants in the Design, Design Automation and system design ecosystem. While ES Design West 2019 has its own unique identity and branded area, it will be co-located with SEMICON West July 9-11 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

ES Design West will be the only event in North America that promotes our ecosystem’s commercial technological achievements in chip and system design and highlights connections between system and semiconductor design and the electronic product manufacturing and supply chain. The event will showcase design from IP, EDA, embedded software, design services and design infrastructure with exhibits and dedicated TechTalk sessions. A “Meet the Experts” theater in our area will provide a focal point for presentations and panel discussions from members of the system design ecosystem.

SEMICON West is evolving as well and will feature a variety of other aspects of the electronic product ecosystem including medical, automotive/transportation and flexible/hybrid electronics.

While the finishing touches are being added to the ES Design West program, attendees can expect conversations, information exchange and collaboration to address common issues, challenges and opportunities that move new electronic products from concept to consumer. An Exhibitor Prospectus for ES Design West is available and can be found here.

The product chain is coming together and it is clear design is not isolated, but part of the bigger electronic product manufacturing and supply chain. It’s time for the system and semiconductor design ecosystem to proudly embrace “Where Electronics Begins,” knowing it’s taking its rightful place as the start of the worldwide market for electronic products.

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