Who Changes Us

A short eulogy to one of the people who changed my future.


Most of us have one of more people that had a huge impact on our life. For me one of those is my former husband, Klaus Cirkel. We met when we were still at university, RWTH Aachen, in western Germany. I was slowly making my way through the metallurgy curriculum. Well, Klaus was the total opposite. He was driven and his drive was infectious. He motivated me to expedite my degree then to take the risk and move to Munich with him. That was a rather big step for a country girl!

He passed on last week, and I didn’t think of DAC—not once. But it does give you pause to reflect on who motivated you and how they altered your future, not to mention what’s really important.

I don’t have it in me to write a DAC blog this week, either, so I decided to dedicate this week to the man who had such influence on my life and the path I took in life. Without him, I would not have gone to Munich, I would not be in Portland, and I would not be chairing DAC 2015.

The call for contributions is live on the DAC website.


Graham Bell says:

Anne, Thanks for sharing a little of your life’s journey. The memories are bitter-sweet for those people that have changed us, but are no longer here. And for yourself, I expect you have made a big difference in the lives of the people around you. And for the better! Regards, +Graham

Brian Bailey says:

I am so sorry Anne. At DAC 2015, we will all be able to say a little thank you to the man who had a hand in making it possible, and the woman who had the courage to follow her dreams and turn them into the success I have seen that surrounds you.

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