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How To Implement A Secure IoT System On ARMv8-M

Attacks on IoT devices are guaranteed - they will happen! Therefore, system security needs to be easy and fast to implement. With ARM's newest embedded processors - the ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 with TrustZone for ARMv8-M - developers can take advantage of hardware-enforced security. Now, system designers have the challenge to extend security throughout the whole system. Join this techni... » read more

Intelligent Buildings

ARM believes that by 2035 one trillion devices will be connected to the internet. We will find a large number of them in the next generation of high performing buildings. According to McKinseyi, half the opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) vendors are expected to come from the built environment; from homes, buildings, factories and cities. More than 50 percent of the world’s seven b... » read more

System Performance Analysis At ARM

Performance analysis is a vital task in modern SoC design. An under-designed SoC may run too slowly to keep up with the demands of the system. An over-designed SoC will consume too much power and require more expensive IP blocks. At ARM we want to help our partners build SoCs that deliver the best performance within their power and area budgets. The simple truth is that this is more difficul... » read more

The Route To 5G

The mobile phone has seen explosive growth over the last two decades to become an essential part of our everyday lives. Right from the outset, ARM has been at the heart of these devices enabling ever more sophisticated capabilities whilst maintaining a focus on maximizing battery life through industry leading power efficiency. The complexity of smartphones is not often fully appreciated, with ... » read more

ARM Cortex-M For Beginners

The ARM Cortex-M family now has six processors. In this paper, we compare the features of various Cortex-M processors and highlight considerations for selecting the correct processor for your application. The paper includes detailed comparisons of the Cortex-M instruction sets and advanced interrupt capabilities, along with system-level features, debug and trace features, and performance compa... » read more

Introduction to ARM Cortex-M23 And Cortex-M33 Processors With TrustZone For ARMv8-M

Given the rising demand for IoT, next generation ARM® Cortex-M processors have been designed with the technology required to become the security foundation for all embedded systems. The Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 processors maintain the expected characteristics of the embbeded profile such as real-time deterministic interrupt response, low power, low area, ease of development, and 32-bit perfor... » read more

ARM Cortex-A32 – The Logical Choice For Rich Embedded

The whitepaper explains how the ARM Cortex-A32 processor is an ideal stepping stone into the Cortex-A family for traditional Cortex-M products which can benefit from a richer operating system environment, or from the additional performance and features that Cortex-A processors can provide. The paper details the enhancements of the Cortex-A32 and draws architectural comparisons to the feature... » read more

Intelligent Flexible IoT Nodes

The media is buzzing with articles every week about the benefits of deploying IoT systems across various industries. Some forecasts mention the trillions of dollars that will be saved on a global scale from such deployments and the dramatic boost to those companies that make it all possible. At the heart of this global deployment is the IoT node, a sensor that converts the physical world to dig... » read more

Securing The Future of Authentication With ARM TrustZone-based Trusted Execution Environment And Fast Identity Online (FIDO)

Smart connected mobile devices are increasingly used for a wide range of business, financial and entertainment uses. Authentication of the user to a remote Internet-based server is the first step for many applications or cloud-based services. Traditional authentication methods of username and password do not work very well for either the consumer who may have difficulty remembering complex pass... » read more

Benefits Of The ARM Sensinode NanoService Security Solution

This paper discusses the architecture, features, and benefits of the ARM Sensinode NanoService Security solution. Recognizing that web applications based on the REST architecture have become ubiquitous, backend IoT platforms must be based on the REpresentational State Transfer architecture of the web in order to reduce the time taken to develop and deploy applications for accessing IoT networ... » read more

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