130 BCDLite And BCD

Get a quick overview of 130 BCDLite and BCD—130nm 1.5V to 85V process technologies.


BCDLite and BCD process technologies offer a modular platform architecture based on the Globalfoundries’s low-power logic process with integrated low- and high-voltage bipolar transistors, high-voltage EDMOS/LDMOS transistors, precision analog passives and non-volatile memory.

• New Gen2 release with significant performance improvements

• BCDLite is tailored for cost-effective mobile/consumer applications: DC-DC, AC-DC, PMIC, Wireless and Quick Charging

• BCD high-temp rated transistors and rugged power devices are ideal for industrial and automotive applications

• High performance power and high-voltage transistors

• Integration of separate digital controllers and analog/power ICs into mixed-signal solutions.

BCDLite applications vary widely, ranging from full analog to integrated solutions. As the percentage of digital content increases, it puts a premium on smaller feature sizes to control die area and cost. GF offers a full range of feature sizes to help you find the right choice for each application.

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