130 BCDLite And BCD

BCDLite and BCD process technologies offer a modular platform architecture based on the Globalfoundries’s low-power logic process with integrated low- and high-voltage bipolar transistors, high-voltage EDMOS/LDMOS transistors, precision analog passives and non-volatile memory. • New Gen2 release with significant performance improvements • BCDLite is tailored for cost-effective mobil... » read more

Leveraging The Past

By Ann Steffora Mutschler It’s easy to forget that not every design today is targeted at 20nm, given the amount of focus put on the bleeding edge of technology. But in fact a large number of designs utilize the stability and reliability of older manufacturing nodes, as well as lower mask costs, by incorporating new design and verification techniques, with 2.5D designs being a prime example. ... » read more

Bucket Lists

At 130nm, the introduction of copper interconnects, 300mm wafers and low-k dielectrics left the entire supply chain breathless. There had never been as many changes at a single process node in the history of semiconductors. At 28nm, the number of changes will pale compared to what’s necessary at 20nm, and that will pale to what’s required at 14nm. But unlike 130nm, when most of those cha... » read more