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2023 Open Source Risk In M&A By The Numbers

The many ways an open source audit can benefit your organization.


Learn how an open source audit can reduce your security risk

Here’s what we know:

  • Most of today’s codebases contain open source components.
  • Vulnerabilities and licensing issues in codebases are as pervasive as open source itself.
  • Unpatched software vulnerabilities are one of the biggest cyberthreats organizations face.
  • Failure to comply with open source licenses can put businesses at significant risk of litigation and threat to IP.

Open source adds security risk if you don’t patch components or can’t confirm your software license compliance. To reduce this risk, you must know exactly what open source code is in your codebase. But tracking open source manually can be a colossal task.

In this white paper, we cover the many ways an open source audit can benefit your organization and help you better understand the composition of your code so you can reduce your risk.

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