6 Steps To Successful Board Level Reliability Testing

A 6-step guide to performing meaningful and relevant board-level reliability testing for the semiconductor industry.


For semiconductor manufacturers entering the automotive environment, the lack of universal qualifications standards often leads to inconsistent reliability expectations. The most efficient solution is to establish a robust and thorough BLR testing plan that is uniquely designed for a specific manufacturer validated by a broad range of industry experiences.

6 Steps to Successful Board Level Reliability Testing takes a step-by-step approach to explain how semiconductor manufacturers have to adopt board level reliability testing for the automotive electronics industry. The guide includes:

  • Current challenges semiconductors are facing in the automotive industry, especially BLRT
  • Best practices in adopting BLRT for the automotive industry
  • Practical advice on how to develop a board level reliability test plan
  • Key issues to consider while developing BLRT plans

Click here to access the white paper.

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