A Guide To FT‑NIR Spectroscopy In The Chemical Lab

Using FT-NIR spectroscopy to simplify routines in the lab.


Quality control in the chemical and petrochemical industry is a complex task. Often the many different parameters need to be analyzed using a wide variety of instruments and complex workflows. Timing is also very important — the production team needs results within minutes, not hours. FT-NIR can help you simplify analysis routines in the lab. Often, many different parameters can be analyzed with just one measurement and no sample preparation, saving labor and money.

Our eBook contains valuable information on using FT-NIR spectroscopy and numerous links for further reading:

  • Why FT-NIR — the basics
  • FT-NIR Spectrometer for the Lab
  • Chemical applications
  • Petrochemical applications
  • Polymer applications
  • Summary

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