Particle Filter Material Choice For Raman And FTIR Microscopy

The filter material to analyze particulate matter with Raman or FTIR microspectroscopy plays a vital role. Their simple task is to filter liquids to isolate solids onto filters – but as soon as you introduce spectroscopic methods, the requirements on the filter increase drastically. But let’s start at the beginning: Which filters are at our disposal, and how do we select the right one for... » read more

Full Wafer OCD Metrology

Authored by: Daniel Doutt*a, Ping-ju Chena, Bhargava Ravooria, Tuyen K. Trana, Eitan Rothsteinb, Nir Kampelb, Lilach Tamamb, Effi Aboodyb, Avron Gerb, Harindra Vedalac ABSTRACT Optical Critical Dimension (OCD) spectroscopy is a reliable, non-destructive, and high-throughput measurement technique for metrology and process control that is widely used in semiconductor fabrication facilities (f... » read more

Wafer Scale Tool To Transfer Graphene

A new technical paper titled "Assessment of wafer-level transfer techniques of graphene with respect to semiconductor industry requirements" was published by researchers at RWTH Aachen University, AMO GmbH, Infineon Technologies, Protemics GmbH, and Advantest Europe. Abstract (partial): "Graphene is a promising candidate for future electronic applications. Manufacturing graphene-based elect... » read more

A Guide To FT‑NIR Spectroscopy In The Chemical Lab

Quality control in the chemical and petrochemical industry is a complex task. Often the many different parameters need to be analyzed using a wide variety of instruments and complex workflows. Timing is also very important — the production team needs results within minutes, not hours. FT-NIR can help you simplify analysis routines in the lab. Often, many different parameters can be analyzed w... » read more