Wafer Scale Tool To Transfer Graphene


A new technical paper titled “Assessment of wafer-level transfer techniques of graphene with respect to semiconductor industry requirements” was published by researchers at RWTH Aachen University, AMO GmbH, Infineon Technologies, Protemics GmbH, and Advantest Europe.

Abstract (partial):
“Graphene is a promising candidate for future electronic applications. Manufacturing graphene-based electronic devices typically requires graphene transfer from its growth substrate to another desired substrate. This key step for device integration must be applicable at the wafer level and meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor fabrication lines. In this work, wet and semidry transfer (i.e. wafer bonding) are evaluated regarding wafer scalability, handling, potential for automation, yield, contamination and electrical performance. A wafer scale tool was developed to transfer graphene from 150 mm copper foils to 200 mm silicon wafers with-out adhesive intermediate polymers.”

Find the technical paper here. Published Sept. 22.

Authors/Citation: Sebastian Wittmann, Stephan Pindl, Simon Sawallich, Michael Nagel, Alexander Michalski, Himadri Pandey, Ardeshir Esteki, Satender Kataria, Max C. Lemme; arXiv:2209.15070v1.

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