State Of The Art And Recent Progress of Reconfigurable Electronic Devices Based on 2D Materials


A new technical paper titled “Emerging reconfigurable electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials: A review” was just published by researchers at TU Dresden, NaMLAb gGmbH, and RWTH Aachen University.

“As the dimensions of the transistor, the key element of silicon technology, are approaching their physical limits, developing semiconductor technology with novel concepts and materials has been the main focus of scientific research and industry. In recent years, emerging reconfigurable technologies that offer device-level run-time reconfigurability have been explored and shown the potential to enhance device and circuit functions. Two-dimensional (2D) materials possess exquisite electronic properties and provide a suitable platform for reconfigurable technology owing to their atomic-thin thickness and high sensitivity to external electrical fields. In this review, we present an intensive survey of 2D-material-based devices with diverse reconfigurability, including carrier polarity, threshold voltage control, as well as multifunctional configurations enabled by 2D heterostructures. We discuss the working principles for these devices in detail and highlight the important figures of merit for performance improvement. We further provide a forward-looking perspective on the opportunities and challenges of these reconfigurable devices based on 2D materials in the field of computing technologies.”

Find the technical paper here. Published August 23, 2022.

Fei W, Trommer J,Lemme MC, Mikolajick T, Heinzig A. Emergingreconfigurable electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials: A review.InfoMat. 2022;e12355. doi:10.1002/inf2.12355.

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