A Potentially CMOS Compatible Integration Of Reconfigurable FETs Based On Al-Si-Al Heterostructure Sheets

A technical paper titled “Reconfigurable Si Field-Effect Transistors With Symmetric On-States Enabling Adaptive Complementary and Combinational Logic” was published by researchers at TU Vienna and Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology. Abstract: "Reconfigurable field-effect transistors (RFETs), combining n-and p-type operation in a single device, have already sho... » read more

8-In-1 Reconfigurable Logic Gate (TU Dresden)

A technical paper titled “The RGATE: an 8-in-1 Polymorphic Logic Gate Built from Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistors” was published by researchers at TU Dresden and NaMLab. Abstract: "We present the hardware implementation of a reconfigurable universal logic gate, that we call RGATE, able to deliver up to eight different logic functionalities and based on a symmetric four-transistors... » read more

Nanoscale Reconfigurable Si Transistors (TU Wien, CNRS, UNC)

A new technical paper titled "Nanoscale Reconfigurable Si Transistors: From Wires to Sheets and Unto Multi-Wire Channels" was published by researchers at TU Wien, CNRS, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Abstract: "In this work, bottom-up Al–Si–Al nanowire (NW) heterostructures are presented, which act as a prototype vehicle toward top-down fabricated nanosheet (NS) and ... » read more

Characteristics of Three-Gated Reconfigurable FETs

A new technical paper titled "Insights into the Temperature Dependent Switching Behaviour of Three-Gated Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistors" was published by researchers at NaMLAB and TU Dresden. "In this work, it is possible to assess the performances of Three-Gated Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistors within a considerable temperature span and finally provide significant insights o... » read more

3-to-1 Reconfigurable Analog Signal Modulation Circuit On A Single Device

A new technical paper titled "Three-to-one analog signal modulation with a single back-bias-controlled reconfigurable transistor" was published by researchers at NaMLab gGmbH, GlobalFoundries, and TU Dresden. "Reconfigurable field effect transistors are an emerging class of electronic devices, which exploit a structure with multiple independent gates to selectively adjust the charge carrier ... » read more

State Of The Art And Recent Progress of Reconfigurable Electronic Devices Based on 2D Materials

A new technical paper titled "Emerging reconfigurable electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials: A review" was just published by researchers at TU Dresden, NaMLAb gGmbH, and RWTH Aachen University. Abstract "As the dimensions of the transistor, the key element of silicon technology, are approaching their physical limits, developing semiconductor technology with novel concepts an... » read more