Reconfigurability and NTC-based Signal Modulation Within a Single Ferroelectric TFET

A new technical paper titled "Reconfigurable signal modulation in a ferroelectric tunnel field-effect transistor" was published by researchers at Lund University in Sweden. Abstract: "Reconfigurable transistors are an emerging device technology adding new functionalities while lowering the circuit architecture complexity. However, most investigations focus on digital applications. Here, we ... » read more

State Of The Art And Recent Progress of Reconfigurable Electronic Devices Based on 2D Materials

A new technical paper titled "Emerging reconfigurable electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials: A review" was just published by researchers at TU Dresden, NaMLAb gGmbH, and RWTH Aachen University. Abstract "As the dimensions of the transistor, the key element of silicon technology, are approaching their physical limits, developing semiconductor technology with novel concepts an... » read more

Integrate FPGAs For A Customizable MCU

MCUs come in a broad range of flavors, meaning you can pick the best one for the application with the right performance, feature set, peripherals, memory, and software programmability. So, then, why do many systems also use FPGAs next to the MCUs? Usually, it’s because there’s not a “perfect” MCU for their application. MCUs by definition are built to be generic for a wide variety of app... » read more