A Single-Layer Mechanical Debonding Adhesive For Advanced Wafer-Level Packaging

A single-layer mechanical debonding adhesive is presented that has the advantage of ultrathin wafer handling; high thermal stability; low warpage for high-stress substrates; and single coating.


Better performance and lower cost are always key trends being pursued in the semiconductor industry. Moore’s law has provided a very well-defined relationship between performance and cost and the semiconductor industry has followed this law for the past several decades with no issue. However, it became more and more difficult for foundries and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) to scale to the next technology node without significant increase on the cost of ownership due to tremendous investment. As a result, advanced wafer-level packaging technologies have attracted significant amounts of attention because they have been demonstrated that the performance of a final device can be remarkably improved in a more cost-effective way. Therefore, there will be more demand for new and innovative packaging materials in order to enable these advanced packaging technologies. In this paper, a single-layer mechanical debonding adhesive is presented. Click here to continue reading the abstract on IEEExplore.

Authors: Xiao LiuYubao WangDebbie BlumenshineMei DongRama Puligadda



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