Accellera’s Functional Safety Group White Paper

Key concepts of functional safety development lifecycle, challenges in the development process of safety critical applications & the mission of the working group.


“The objective of the Functional Safety Working Group is to standardize information for capturing and propagating the safety intent from the system down to the SoC / IP design and implementation including failure mode propagation, verification, validation, reliability and Safety Mechanisms. The safety intent standardization will support data exchange and traceability across different safety analysis and work products (e.g. FTA, FMEA, DFA, FMEDA) and will enable operability and traceability in different domains (Digital, Analog, Package, PCB, SW, etc), industries (e.g. automotive, industrial) and supply chain layers (IP, IC, system).

During its first year of activity, the Accellera FSWG (and previously the Accellera FS Proposed WG) captured many of the challenges in the industry about managing and exchanging FS data. The objective of this white paper is to illustrate these challenges and to present the goals and mission of the Accellera FSWG towards a new FS standard addressing them. As the standard is still in development, this white paper does not focus on the details of the FS data nor provide specific indications on the new model/language that captures it. The white paper is organized as follows:

Section I (Introduction) provides basic background on key concepts of the safety development lifecycle and work products that are involved in the standardization discussions.

Section II (Industry Challenges) reports the challenges of the development process of safety-critical applications identified by the FSWG.

Section III (Mission) summarizes the mission of the FSWG.

Section IV (Accellera FSWG and the FS Standardization Landscape) details the connection of the work of the FSWG to the landscape of some of the existing safety standards for handling electrical and electronics parts.

Section V (The Accellera FS Standard) contains introductory information on the Accellera FS standard: general concepts and approach, its objectives, and its connection to a use case example. Section VI (Additional Goals and Topics for Future Exploration) explores a few directions connected to the development of the FSWG data format/language standard.

Concluding remarks are included to summarize the mission, challenges, and approach of the FSWG.”

Find white paper link here.

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