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All-in-C Behavioral Synthesis And Verification

The benefits of C-based behavioral synthesis over RTL-base methods for system LSI or SoC design.


This paper presents the benefits of C language-based behavioral synthesis design methodology over traditional RTL-based methods for System LSI, or SoC designs. A comprehensive C-based tool flow, based on CyberWorkBench®, developed during the last twenty years at NEC’s R&D laboratories is introduced. This includes behavioral synthesis and formal verification and hardware-software co-simulation of entire complex SoC. First we introduce the “All-in-C” concept based on CyberWorkBench. Then we discuss the behavioral synthesis for various types of circuits and examine the advantages of behavioral synthesis on the hand of commercial ICs. We show that currently entire SoCs are created using this flow in a fraction of the time taken by traditional approaches. Behavioral IP and C-based configurable processor synthesis and automatic architecture exploration is explained next. At the end we demonstrate a real world example of a mobile phone SoC where most of the modules are synthesized from C descriptions using CyberWorkBench.

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