An Open Solution For Systems And Embedded Software Simulation

How to effectively use the Scade language for plant simulation.


This paper describes a complete Systems and Embedded Software Validation & Verification workflow that uses SCADE for modeling and simulating the controller software and a combination of other modeling tools for plant simulation.

It introduces the Scade language and the SCADE Suite toolset that includes a (certified) code generator for producing the controller software. It then describes how SCADE Suite has been connected with various tools for plant simulation, including MathWorks Simulink, ANSYS Simplorer, Modelica, and LMS AMESim.

The final part of the paper brings it all together by introducing SCADE System, a new SysML-based tool, to describe functional and architectural views of the system including all of its interacting components, thus providing a way to assemble a complete systems engineering tool chain.

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