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An Organic Package Designer’s Guide To Transitioning To FOWLP And 2.5D Design

Tips and tools for working with organic substrates and heterogeneous designs.


The IC packaging design tool set has matured to the point where it can address not only classic plastic, organic and ceramic packaging substrates but can also address silicon substrates driven by interposer and chiplet designs. In most cases system and packaging teams do not have to abandon their existing tool set to support these designs. In fact, the packaging design tool set can offer additional capabilities with respect to multi-component system design and component stacking better than an IC layout tool.

This paper shares insights based on the experiences of organic package substrate designers who have transitioned and mastered RDL-based FOWLP and 2.5D silicon and organic interposer design, while still using (and preserving) the majority of their existing packaged design tools and skills.

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