Ansys Charge Plus And Its Particle-In-Cell Solver

A tool uniquely suited to modeling and simulating charged plasmas and their sudden discharges with industry-leading accuracy.


Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD) and plasma etching are experimental techniques that leverage multiphysics for product development in the semiconductor industry.

PE-CVD explicitly tackles the deposition of material on the surface of a wafer, such as a thin coating. A chemical with free radicals is placed on the surface of the wafer and then the wafer is placed in a plasma chamber. A plasma may be generated from an ambient gas by driving a radio frequency (RF) source. The ions in the plasma interact with the surface of the wafer and the interaction with the radicals create byproducts. The influx of ambient gas and the outflux of byproducts is handled through valves that control the ambient flow of gas.

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