Applied Materials And Tokyo Electron Unveil Eteris

What’s behind the new name and why it’s so important.


By Kevin Winston
Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron (TEL) achieved another important milestone, unveiling the name of our combined company—Eteris [pronounced: eh-TAIR-iss].

Tetsuro Higashi, chairman and CEO of TEL, and Gary Dickerson, president and CEO of Applied Materials, revealed the new company name and logo to an enthusiastic crowd assembled for Applied’s annual analyst briefing in San Francisco. The new name builds on the strong legacies of Applied and TEL, creating something even greater than the sum of the two.


The word “Eteris,” speaks to what makes the combined company unique. It’s derived from the concept of ‘Eternal Innovation for Society’ and captures the commitment to creating and enabling technology innovations that improve the way people live. Eteris is more than just a name. It embodies the company’s aspirations to make a positive, lasting impact on the world and to achieve great things together, enable customers and move our industry forward.

The Eteris logo celebrates a realization of the incredible possibility of technology. At the heart of the mark, the bright green anchor symbolizes the energy of the new company, the power of its technology and the foundation of innovation it provides to enable customer success. From there its bright colors and new dimensions expand, representing the many innovations that Eteris will make possible every day around the world.

But…it’s important to note that the deal is not final yet.* Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron will continue to operate as two separate companies until the official close of the transaction, which is expected in the second half of 2014.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for our new name and mark; let us know what you think about the new name and logo in the comments section. Here’s what others have said about the news so far:
“Applied Materials is one of Silicon Valley’s earliest companies, and now it is becoming one of our newest. Creating Eteris is a quintessential Silicon Valley story of reinvention and renewal. The name is bold and dynamic, suggesting a commitment to innovation at the forefront of where the technology industry is headed.”
—John C. Hollar, President & Chief Executive Officer, Computer History Museum

“The big benefit of combining Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron is the increased ability to enable innovations that drive the industry forward. It is great to see this concept is literally reflected in the new name. Eteris clearly represents management’s commitment to creating a bold new identity with an enduring vision focused on innovation. Technology is the path to solving many of society’s biggest problems. Eternal innovation is the only way to get there.”
—G. Dan Hutcheson, CEO and Chairman, VLSI Research

“Eteris is an exciting new name for a Silicon Valley pioneer that plays an essential role in the technology that drives our world. The new name reflects Applied’s long-standing commitment to the betterment of society and a future that’s as bright and energetic as the colors of its mark. While Eteris is new, it is rooted in the creativity and innovation that infuses Silicon Valley and is a name I expect will represent the on-going stewardship of our community.”
—Connie Martinez, CEO of Silicon Valley Creates

* Completion of the merger is subject to certain regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

To view a video of this announcement, click here.


[…] Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) achieved another milestone, unveiling the name of the combined company—Eteris [pronounced: eh-TAIR-iss]. […]

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