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ARM Cortex-A32 – The Logical Choice For Rich Embedded

How the new processor compares to other processors in the Cortex family, and what areas require close attention in migrating from one to the next.


The whitepaper explains how the ARM Cortex-A32 processor is an ideal stepping stone into the Cortex-A family for traditional Cortex-M products that can benefit from a richer operating system environment, or from the additional performance and features that Cortex-A processors can provide.

The paper details the enhancements of the Cortex-A32 and draws architectural comparisons to the features in ARMv7-M and ARMv8-A AArch32, and the differences between ARMv7-M and AArch32. The paper provides further analysis on the exception models of the two architectures and explores what areas require closer attention when migrating software from ARMv7-M to ARMv7-A. To read more, click here.

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