Automating Tests With Portable Stimulus From IP To SoC Level

A look at what PS is intended to do, and what it’s not intended to do.


The aim of the Portable Stimulus Working Group is to make the creation of highly-efficient automated tests portable. Portable stimulus tools help to raise the level of test description and enable modeling of scenarios that would be very challenging to create with directed and transaction-level constrained random tests. This paper describes the goals of the portable stimulus specification as well as what it is not intended to do. The paper walks the reader through an example design application to demonstrate how the Accellera Portable Stimulus input specification enables test intent to be retargeted to different environments while maintaining environment independence. It will also show how random fields and constraints can be easily brought in from existing SystemVerilog descriptions, and it will make clear that key components of the standard can be adopted incrementally, making it easy to get started.

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