Blog Review: April 22

PCB ground planes; chiplet adoption; perception algorithms.


Mentor’s Shivani Joshi takes a look at the benefits of adding ground planes in PCB design to improve signal integrity and reduce electrical noise and interference.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan points to the gradual adoption of 3D packaged systems, the role of mobile in driving adoption, and the rise of chiplets.

Synopsys’ Taylor Armerding shares some tips for productive remote teamwork from the open source community, where teams have worked remotely for years.

Ansys’ Kara Gremillion explains why perception algorithms are such an important part of developing autonomous driving capabilities.

In a video, VLSI Research’s John West and Dan Hutcheson discuss the impact the coronavirus is having on the market for the Critical Subsystems that go into semiconductor equipment and the permanent effects it could have on supply chain management.

SEMI’s Olivier Corvez finds the semiconductor industry as a whole well-prepared to deal with an epidemic or pandemic, with nearly half of respondents having already had some kind of plan in place.

Arm’s Robert Iannello provides a collection of resources to help university academics manage the transition to online teaching.

ON Semiconductor’s Radhika Arora takes a look at the past for hints on when mass deployment of autonomous vehicles could become a reality.

Nvidia’s Sheryl Huynh explains how the company transitioned its GTC 2020 conference from an in-person event to all-digital and some of the lessons learned.

Plus, don’t miss the blogs featured in last week’s Manufacturing, Packaging & Materials newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling contends that shrinking features will continue, but not everywhere and not all the time.

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus asks experts for prognosis of IC/equipment industries.

SEMI’s Sungho Yoon explains the two ways COVID-19 could impact the global silicon wafer market in 2020.

Lam Research’s Shelly Miyasato argues that while general AI is an incredible challenge, narrow applications of machine learning touch many aspects of daily life.

Coventor’s QingPeng Wang explains how to use failure bin classification, yield prediction and process window optimization to predict and enhance yield.

Arm’s Thomas Ensergueix digs into soft processor IP certification using the Common Criteria scheme.

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