Blog Review: Jan. 25

Mixed-signal verification; RISC-V; reliability and PCBs; 5G; OLEDs.


Synopsys’ Anand Thiruvengadam looks at why there’s an increased need for mixed-signal verification.

Mentor’s Craig Armenti argues for incorporating design for reliability into PCB projects.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan reports from the latest in ESDA’s Emerging Companies series about the roots and future of RISC-V.

NI’s James Kimery shares updates from the 3GPP Workshop on 5G in Vienna.

In a video, Applied’s Max McDaniel looks at what’s driving the prominence of OLED displays at CES, from TVs to automotive.

Marvell’s Michael Zimmerman looks at the challenges facing data centers when it comes to Ethernet port deployment.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff considers the outlook for wearables as mobile payment devices, and what it will take for consumer adoption.

ARM’s Tom Conway introduces a new resource for mobile and infrastructure system designs using ARM IP.

In a video, Cadence’s Nimrod Reiss chats about the challenges of verifying interconnect designs.

Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi highlights a security researcher’s investigation of the IoT-targeting Mirai botnet used in recent DDoS attacks.

Mentor’s Keith Hanna has a bit of fun with CFD poetry.

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