Blog Review: July 20

Microsoft’s genius; vacation pictures; seasonal browsers; brain bites, and verification nightmares on Elm Street.


By Ed Sperling
Synopsys’ Eric Huang pays a visit to the Microsoft Store and finds a really smart salesperson who seems to know just about everything there is to know about the products for sale. And yes, that is somewhat unexpected.

Cadence’s Jean-Michel Fernandez talks about creating SystemC peripheral models. Fernandez represents Cadence’s Team ESL, which is an interesting development in its own right.

Speaking of software, Mentor’s Colin Walls looks at which language is best for embedded purposes. The answer once again appears to be C. This looks like a pattern.

Si2’s Steve Schulz does some white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon and thinks about vertical stacking. Our vote would have gone to liquid cooling, especially given the travel pictures.

Synopsys’ Hezi Saar examines mobile Web browsing trends and finds traffic is up in the summer. He blames it on better weather. But is it reversed below the Equator?

Cadence’s Richard Goering interviews Open-Silicon CEO Naveed Sherwani about an exponential verification nightmare. Sounds like Freddy Krueger with an EE degree. Check out the video.

LSI India’s Ballori Bannerjee, writing in Synopsys’ VMM Central, digs deep into registers. When it comes to verification, this stuff is critical to know.

Semico’s Joanne Itow looks at Renesas’ remarkable recovery from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, getting its fab up and running in record time with production output running even more efficiently. There are a few words in Japanese here that we don’t understand, but this is still a remarkable story.

Cadence’s Kari Summers is back with another five-minute tutorial, this one on where to find EDI videos. This is like a guided site search.

Finally, Synopsys’ Darcy Pierce counts the ways in which blogs help engineers—and all in easily digestible bites. This is like brain snacks.

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