Blog Review: June 4

IP integration woes; Java jokes; acceleration; system design; Einstein simple; acceleration.


Sonics’ Drew Wingard looks at the challenges of IP integration, from standards to re-use to the need for intelligence on the network. Given the focus on IP integration, as well as the myriad challenges, this is very timely information.

ARM’s Karthik Ranjan has an interesting theory about why Java developers wear glasses.

Ansys’ Justin Nescott unearths the five most interesting engineering stories of the week. Check out the driverless car from Google that doesn’t have a steering wheel.

Speaking of programming, Mentor’s Colin Walls jumps into C++ to show the difference between a struct and a class. Key point: Know how to maintain the software and can figure it out easily enough months later.

Cadence’s Richard Goering reports on Gary Smith’s presentation at DAC about how system design is changing electronics. Of particular note is why the cost of emulation isn’t considered a stumbling block anymore.

Synopsys’ Mick Posner gives new meaning to improved speed and performance–at least for the chip industry.

Rambus’ Wai-Yeung Yip takes on the challenges of integrating memory into complex SoCs, which increasingly isn’t so straightforward.

Mentor’s Robin Bornoff observes that temperature is a good indicator of product reliability. Make sure you check out the Einstein quote.

Cadence’s Tom Hackett digs into accelerated verification IP in this short video explanation. And in case you’re wondering, it does involve an emulator.

Acceleration seems to be a hot topic these days. Synopsys’ Navraj Nandra talks about accelerated IP development through prototyping, SDKs and faster integration.

Mentor’s John Day looks at technology that can charge cars while driving. Don’t step outside in the rain.

Synopsys’ Eric Huang has been knocking on doors in San Jose and concludes that people in apartments vote more often than people in houses. He may be onto something here.

While the EDA world revels at DAC, ARM’s Andy Frame (and CEO Simon Segars) traveled to Computex in Taiwan to talk about wearables, the IoT and low-power servers. There are four videos to go along with this one.

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