Blog Review: March 11

Eyes of the scallop; CHI VIP; row hammer exploit; avoid car-melting; wearable world congress; see all the light; overwhelming verification; driving design efficiency; pi(e) moments.


How are sensors like a scallop’s eyes? Rambus’ Patrick Gill guides you through day in the life of the mollusk to show how inspiration for IoT was found in the sea.

Cadence’s Dimitry Pavlovsky discusses some of the intricacies associated with creating VIP for processor interconnect systems such as CHI, and how other tools are necessary to complete the task.

Following Google’s warning of a DRAM security exploit, Synopsys’ Marc Greenberg gives an overview of row hammering. How could hackers use it, and will DDR4 eliminate the problem?

Angry building melts car with focused sunlight weapon! Well, sort of. Mentor’s Robin Bornoff goes beyond the tabloid headline with a simulation of an unexpected event.

ARM’s David Maidment shows off a bunch of wearables from MWC. While smartwatches dominate, a few show it’s not all about the wrist.

Ansys’ Bill Vandermark sees the light (as both particle and wave) in this week’s top five engineering articles. Additionally, energy harvesting may be within reach for Mars – and toilets.

Synopsys’ Tushar Mattu says that when faced with too many verification challenges at once, the solution can be overwhelming. Instead tackle the important things first and possibly even start with directed testing and add UVM later.

What drives design efficiency, and what happened to HLS? Cadence’s Richard Goering shares the thoughts of a DVCon panel.

A Lam Research staff writer gets ready for March 14th with some moments from the grand history of pie. (There’s some about pi as well.)

And making an encore appearance from last week’s IoT and Security newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling takes a look at the less-obvious side of the IoT that is about to bite everyone.

Technology Editor Ernest Worthman examines new toys hitting the market and the possible fallout.

Executive Editor Ann Steffora Mutschler observes that new approaches are surfacing to address opportunities in the IoT and cloud.

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