Blog Review: March 25

Memory for AI; PCIe Gen6; embedded software source code.


Rambus’ Steven Woo checks out common memory systems that are used in the highest performance AI applications and points to the differences between on-chip memory, HBM, and GDDR.

Mentor’s Colin Walls considers whether software for embedded systems should be delivered as a binary library or source code and warns of some key potential issues when requesting source code.

A Synopsys writer points to what’s driving the need for the PCIe Gen6 standard and key features that make it the most significant and disruptive update in the last decade.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan shares highlights from the recent RSA Conference, including the likelihood of increased cybersecurity risks in 2020 and making security easier to use.

Arm’s Jason Andrews explains IP selection and software development on the Cortex-M55 processor and how to use it with the open-source CMSIS-DSP library to compare performance.

Ansys’ Manohar (Manny) Raju takes a look at designing power converters with IGBTs and a simulation workflow to optimize reliability and performance.

Lam Research’s Shelly Miyasato considers the rapid growth of machine learning thanks to new, more powerful hardware plus some of the ways AI will transform industries.

In a blog for SEMI, Walt Custer of Custer Consulting explains COVID-19’s impact on the semiconductor industry, including manufacturing activity and equipment sales.

Memory blogger Jim Handy of Objective Analysis zeros in on the predicted impact of the coronavirus on the memory market.

NXP’s Mark Montierth explores why using 5G and Wi-Fi 6 together will be a powerful combination to enable the modernization of metro infrastructures and support smart cities.

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