Blog Review: Nov. 24

Datapath formal verification; simple UVM scoreboard; embedded vision requirements.


Cadence’s Paul McLellan introduces the theory and practice of datapath formal verification and explores two use cases of dot-product accumulate systolic design and hashing design.

Siemens EDA’s Rich Edelman shows that constructing an in-order UVM scoreboard doesn’t have to be a difficult or complex task, and certainly simpler than replacing a laptop’s keyboard.

Synopsys’ Gordon Cooper considers the needs of embedded vision applications and discusses various techniques to increase bandwidth and reduce latency and power consumption for the processors that play an integral role in edge AI SoCs.

In a blog for Arm, Andreas Kuehn of the Observer Research Foundation America argues that semiconductor companies and consortia should do more to push hardware security capabilities such as roots of trust to protect IoT devices.

Coventor’s Sandy Wen explores the impact of process variation on DRAM wordline resistance with virtual fabrication.

Ansys’ Priyanka Gotika suggests its worth paying attention to how much time engineers have to spend on administrative tasks and managing documents.

In a blog for SEMI, Laura Matz of Merck KGaA checks out how companies are implementing smart  manufacturing processes using new sensing technologies and how to apply them to older manufacturing lines.

Plus, check out the blogs highlighted in the latest Manufacturing, Packaging & Materials newsletter:

Executive editor Mark LaPedus drills down into memory trends with Objective Analysis’ chief.

TechInsights’ Stephen Russell examines Apple’s change to gallium nitride for charging products.

Amkor’s John Nickelsen offers options and best approaches for meeting quality and reliability requirements in automotive leadframe packages.

Coventor’s Timothy Yang shows how ALD thickness can affect SAQP pattern offset and structural non-uniformity during etch.

QP Technologies’ Sam Sadri explains why continuous improvement and process optimization are essential to making electronic devices work as expected.

Calibra’s Jan Willis looks at how the pandemic has impacted the photomask and flat panel display industry.

Brewer Science’s McKenzie Turner reveals what all companies can learn about the necessity for preventative maintenance.

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