Blog Review: Oct. 12

Verification technology adoption; portable stimulus goals; Type-C; 7nm challenges; von Neumann limitations; FPGAs & IoT; IoT hubs; RF cooking.


Mentor’s Harry Foster digs into verification technology adoption trends for ASIC/IC.

Cadence’s Tom Anderson looks at the goals of the Portable Stimulus Working Group and how they compare to those of UVM.

Synopsys’ Eric Huang checks out what’s new in the land of USB, Type-C adoption, and cable testing.

Ansys’ Aveek Sarkar explores the challenges facing 7nm designs and the benefits of chip-package-system flows and methodologies.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff digs into the limitations of the von Neumann architecture and the role of FPGAs in bringing architectures back into balance.

Meanwhile, Aldec’s Zibi Zalewski looks at how FPGAs fit into IoT gateway and infrastructure.

Altera’s Ron Wilson investigates two very different ways of looking at the IoT and how to find a middle ground between them.

NXP’s Dan Viza considers the advantages of replacing the vacuum tubes in cooking appliances with solid-state RF power transistors.

Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi highlights a CodenomiCON panel discussing how the automotive industry has responded in the year since the Jeep Cherokee hack.

Mentor’s Andrew Macleod takes a peek at five megatrends shaping the automotive industry and what’s new in the automotive supply chain.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan presents a few reasons RISC-V may not gain the traction its backers hope.

Attending ARM TechCon? ARM’s Michele Riga provides a heads up about an open-to-all educational session on the IoT.

And if you missed last week’s IoT, Security & Automotive newsletter, check out these featured blogs:

Editor in Chief Ed Sperling points to a string of acquisitions and announcements that signal big changes ahead.

Executive Editor Ann Steffora Mustchler contends there are interesting opportunities in the automotive space, but chipmakers are now trying to work out the dollars and sense of it.

Rambus’ Asaf Ashkenazi warns that a new approach to connected device security is long overdue.

Kilopass’ Lee Sun presents the case for one-time programmable memory for IoT designs.

Mentor Graphics’ Kathy Tufto observes there is a major shift underway in how edge devices handle data processing and storage.

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