Blog Review: Sept. 25

Constraints and Verilog; AV challenges; CXL overview; 5G pushes edge compute.


Mentor’s Dave Rich points out that unexpected values from a constraint solver can often be explained by how Verilog expression evaluation rules affect the solution space of SystemVerilog constraints.

Cadence’s Madhavi Rao points to the need for new and updated safety and cybersecurity standards for autonomous vehicles and highlights one of the most challenging parts of AV deployment.

A Synopsys writer provides an overview of Compute Express Link (CXL), a new interconnect specification for high bandwidth devices such as accelerators with memory, what it aims to do, and the key components.

Arm’s Josh Randall digs into high-performance computing issues with a look at what prevents software from utilizing available thread counts and characterizes data sharing between core caches and inter-cache communication.

Rambus’ Steven Woo finds that the transition from 4G to 5G is driving major infrastructure changes, including deployment of data processing and AI/ML at the edge.

ANSYS’ Craig Hillman digs into the risk of solder joint failure in ball grid array (BGA) and quad flat-pack no-lead (QFN) packages and ways to minimize it.

SEMI’s Maria Vetrano chats with John Smee of Qualcomm about why MEMS and sensor makers should be paying attention to developments in 5G NR and what’s new in the upcoming release.

Intrinsix’s Eric Bass takes a look at why choosing an interconnect is an important part of integrating chiplets into a heterogeneous SoC with a focus on Intel’s Advanced Interface Bus.

And don’t miss the blogs featured in last week’s Manufacturing, Packaging & Materials newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling finds 3D-ICs are gaining a foothold, but it’s still not easy.

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus reports that electric vehicle OEMs are forming alliances with SiC vendors.

SEMI contributor Walt Custer explains how an uptick in Taiwan-based wafer foundry sales in August indicates semi and equipment growth could be on the horizon.

Applied Ventures’ Michael Stewart digs into current market developments in machine learning and how they are affecting VC investment patterns.

ClioSoft’s Amit Varde talks about a key principle to successful tapeout.

Semico Research’s Jim Feldhan explains how energy density is improving 5% to 8% per year, which is significant.

Fraunhofer’s Andy Heinig explains how a new packaging approach will be an enabler for autonomous driving.

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