Physics-Based Digital Twin of a Thermally Aged Flip-Chip Package (TU Delft, NXP)

A technical paper titled “Modelling thermomechanical degradation of moulded electronic packages using physics-based digital twin” was published by researchers at Delft University of Technology and NXP Semiconductors. Abstract: "Semiconductor devices are commonly encapsulated with Epoxy-based Moulding Compounds (EMC) to form an electronic package. EMC typically occupies a large volume with... » read more

Properties of Commercially Available Hexagonal Boron Nitride Grown By The CVD Method

A new technical paper titled "On the quality of commercial chemical vapour deposited hexagonal boron nitride" was published by researchers at KAUST and the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan. Abstract "The semiconductors industry has put its eyes on two-dimensional (2D) materials produced by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) because they can be grown at the wafer level with sm... » read more

CMOS ICs for 77 GHz Automotive Radar

A new technical paper titled "CMOS IC Solutions for the 77 GHz Radar Sensor in Automotive Applications" was published by researchers at STMicroelectronics and University of Catania. Abstract "This paper presents recent results on CMOS integrated circuits for automotive radar sensor applications in the 77 GHz frequency band. It is well demonstrated that nano-scale CMOS technologies are the b... » read more

Imperceptible, Lightweight Sensors Directly Printed on Biological Surfaces

A new technical paper titled "Imperceptible augmentation of living systems with organic bioelectronic fibres" was published by researchers at University of Cambridge and University of Macau. Abstract "The functional and sensory augmentation of living structures, such as human skin and plant epidermis, with electronics can be used to create platforms for health management and environmental m... » read more

GaN Devices: Properties and Performance At Extremely High Temperatures

A new technical paper titled "High temperature stability of regrown and alloyed Ohmic contacts to AlGaN/GaN heterostructure up to 500 °C" was published by researchers at MIT, Technology Innovation Institute, Ohio State University, Rice University and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Abstract "This Letter reports the stability of regrown and alloyed Ohmic contacts to A... » read more

Scheduling Multi-Model AI Workloads On Heterogeneous MCM Accelerators (UC Irvine)

A technical paper titled “SCAR: Scheduling Multi-Model AI Workloads on Heterogeneous Multi-Chiplet Module Accelerators” was published by researchers at University of California Irvine. Abstract: "Emerging multi-model workloads with heavy models like recent large language models significantly increased the compute and memory demands on hardware. To address such increasing demands, designin... » read more

Memory System Benchmarking, Simulation, And Application Profiling Via A Memory Stress Framework

A technical paper titled “A Mess of Memory System Benchmarking, Simulation and Application Profiling” was published by researchers at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Unversitat Politecnica de Catalunya, and Micron Technology (Italy). Abstract: "The Memory stress (Mess) framework provides a unified view of the memory system benchmarking, simulation and application profiling. The Mess benc... » read more

Compilation Challenges Of Scaling Up Quantum Computing With Superconducting Chiplet Architecture

A technical paper titled “MECH: Multi-Entry Communication Highway for Superconducting Quantum Chiplets” was published by researchers at University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, and Cisco Quantum Lab. Abstract: "Chiplet architecture is an emerging architecture for quantum computing that could significantly increase qubit resources with its great scalabili... » read more

A HW-Aware Scalable Exact-Attention Execution Mechanism For GPUs (Microsoft)

A technical paper titled “Lean Attention: Hardware-Aware Scalable Attention Mechanism for the Decode-Phase of Transformers” was published by researchers at Microsoft. Abstract: "Transformer-based models have emerged as one of the most widely used architectures for natural language processing, natural language generation, and image generation. The size of the state-of-the-art models has in... » read more

High Performance and Low-Noise Hardware Board For Side-Channel Evaluations

A new technical paper titled "EFFLUX-F2: A High Performance Hardware Security Evaluation Board" was published by researchers at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. Abstract "Side-channel analysis has become a cornerstone of modern hardware security evaluation for cryptographic accelerators. Recently, these techniques are also being applie... » read more

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