KAN: Kolmogorov Arnold Networks: An Alternative To MLPs (MIT, CalTech, et al.)

A new technical paper titled "KAN: Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks" was published by researchers at MIT, CalTech, Northeastern University and The NSF Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions. Abstract: "Inspired by the Kolmogorov-Arnold representation theorem, we propose Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks (KANs) as promising alternatives to Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLPs). While... » read more

Characterizing and Evaluating A Quantum Processor Unit In A HPC Center

A new technical paper titled "Calibration and Performance Evaluation of a Superconducting Quantum Processor in an HPC Center" was published by researchers at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, IQM Quantum Computers, and Technical University of Munich. Abstract "As quantum computers mature, they migrate from laboratory environments to HPC centers. This movement enables large-scale deployments,... » read more

Device Characteristics of GAA-Structured CMOS and CTFET Under Varying Temperatures

A new technical paper titled "Vertical-Stack Nanowire Structure of MOS Inverter and TFET Inverter in Low-temperature Application" was published by researchers at National Tsing Hua University and National United University in Taiwan. Abstract "Tunneling field effect transistors (TFET) have emerged as promising candidates for integrated circuits beyond conventional metal oxide semiconductor ... » read more

Efficient TNN Inference on RISC-V Processing Cores With Minimal HW Overhead

A new technical paper titled "xTern: Energy-Efficient Ternary Neural Network Inference on RISC-V-Based Edge Systems" was published by researchers at ETH Zurich and Universita di Bologna. Abstract "Ternary neural networks (TNNs) offer a superior accuracy-energy trade-off compared to binary neural networks. However, until now, they have required specialized accelerators to realize their effic... » read more

Comparing Thermal Properties In Molybdenum Substrate To Si And Glass For A System-On-Foil Integration (RIT, Lux)

A technical paper titled “Comparative Analysis of Thermal Properties in Molybdenum Substrate to Silicon and Glass for a System-on-Foil Integration” was published by researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology and Lux Semiconductors. Abstract: "Advanced electronics technology is moving towards smaller footprints and higher computational power. In order to achieve this, advanced packag... » read more

CAM-Based CMOS Implementation Of Reference Frames For Neuromorphic Processors (Carnegie Mellon U.)

A technical paper titled “NeRTCAM: CAM-Based CMOS Implementation of Reference Frames for Neuromorphic Processors” was published by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Abstract: "Neuromorphic architectures mimicking biological neural networks have been proposed as a much more efficient alternative to conventional von Neumann architectures for the exploding compute demands of AI work... » read more

Physics-Based Digital Twin of a Thermally Aged Flip-Chip Package (TU Delft, NXP)

A technical paper titled “Modelling thermomechanical degradation of moulded electronic packages using physics-based digital twin” was published by researchers at Delft University of Technology and NXP Semiconductors. Abstract: "Semiconductor devices are commonly encapsulated with Epoxy-based Moulding Compounds (EMC) to form an electronic package. EMC typically occupies a large volume with... » read more

CMOS ICs for 77 GHz Automotive Radar

A new technical paper titled "CMOS IC Solutions for the 77 GHz Radar Sensor in Automotive Applications" was published by researchers at STMicroelectronics and University of Catania. Abstract "This paper presents recent results on CMOS integrated circuits for automotive radar sensor applications in the 77 GHz frequency band. It is well demonstrated that nano-scale CMOS technologies are the b... » read more

GaN Devices: Properties and Performance At Extremely High Temperatures

A new technical paper titled "High temperature stability of regrown and alloyed Ohmic contacts to AlGaN/GaN heterostructure up to 500 °C" was published by researchers at MIT, Technology Innovation Institute, Ohio State University, Rice University and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Abstract "This Letter reports the stability of regrown and alloyed Ohmic contacts to A... » read more

Scheduling Multi-Model AI Workloads On Heterogeneous MCM Accelerators (UC Irvine)

A technical paper titled “SCAR: Scheduling Multi-Model AI Workloads on Heterogeneous Multi-Chiplet Module Accelerators” was published by researchers at University of California Irvine. Abstract: "Emerging multi-model workloads with heavy models like recent large language models significantly increased the compute and memory demands on hardware. To address such increasing demands, designin... » read more

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