Deep Dive Into Hardware Security Verification At This Year’s Osmosis User Group

We’ve been talking for months about how to successfully verify designs to avoid security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In the upcoming Osmosis (OneSpin Meeting on Solution, Innovation & Strategy) user group event, attendees will get to hear first-hand from one of our most ardent users how they were able to secure their hardware design. The two-day, virtual event on November 3rd and 4... » read more

The Early Bird Gets More Secure Hardware

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “The early bird gets the worm.” This proverb emphasizes the importance of starting something early to maximize the potential outcome. In terms of hardware security, this idiom is spot on. Cybersecurity shouldn’t only be about protecting the software from attacks. Hardware is just as important. Cyberattacks continue to advance significantly, prog... » read more

Does Your IC Security Need A Renovation?

Five years ago, I moved from Silicon Valley to Gig Harbor, Washington and bought a fixer-upper. As part of my ongoing (and extensive) home renovations, I just finished having the entire exterior redone: roof, siding, paint, masonry, front porch, back deck, outdoor lighting, the works. If you’ve ever embarked on any kind of home remodel project, I don’t have to tell you that the process incl... » read more

Staying A Step Ahead Of Hackers With Continuous Verification

We’re all familiar with the apps on our phones and how often they get updated. Most of the time, these updates are done over the air quickly and easily. Other times, a completely new download of the software is required. But let’s take a look at the hardware platforms that the software runs on. What happens when the hardware needs to be upgraded? Today’s hardware platforms are expensive t... » read more

Achieving Automotive Safety With Security

Security researchers have demonstrated extensively how cybersecurity attacks can have disastrous consequences in automobiles. A successful car hack in an automotive control system such as the drive train or brakes could affect an entire fleet of vehicles and put many lives in danger. Moreover, car owners' privacy and the protection of intellectual properties (IPs) and other assets of car manufa... » read more

Guiding Principles To Ensure Your Hardware Is Secure

The modern society relies on complex, intelligent electronic systems. Automotive, avionics, medical, smartphones, communication and 5G networks, critical infrastructure, data centers, and other applications are ever more dependent on integrated circuits (ICs) that deliver high performance, low power consumption, safety, cybersecurity, and continuity of operation. Hardware is so central to compe... » read more

Water System Hack And The Implications For Hardware Security

Last month we talked about the SolarWinds hack and now this month another disturbing attack has taken place – this time on a water supply system in Florida. Unfortunately, these types of attacks are becoming more frequent, giving us all pause as to how secure the systems that serve our everyday life really are. What lessons can we take from this recent attack that we can implement to make thi... » read more

SolarWinds Attack Is A Cautionary Tale For Hardware And Its Supply Chain

The recent SolarWinds hacking incident that left many Fortune-500 companies and US government networks exposed is an interesting cautionary tale for unchecked software and hardware supply chain security vulnerabilities. The highly sophisticated software supply chain attack occurred in the SolarWinds Orion IT monitoring system. This system, used by over 33,000 companies, monitors performance acr... » read more

Trust Is Not A Good Feeling

As a society, we trust in a lot of things in order for our daily lives to proceed. Trust is embedded in our lives. We trust in everything from the products we use to our relationships we have to our government. But when our trust is broken or shaken in something or someone, it is hard very hard for to for us to have confidence in that something or someone again. If we apply the concept to of... » read more

Make Hardware Strong With CWE

What is a weakness? And why should we care? These questions are relevant in probably any field or context you may think of, well beyond engineering or electronics. While in some cases the first-level answers might be obvious, in many others they are not. Generally, weaknesses are considered bad things that can lead to malfunctions, injuries, and other undesirable situations. In many cases, they... » read more

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