A Journey Of Innovation

When Dr. Shay Wolfling, a physics expert, joined Nova as its CTO about 11 years ago, very little about the company was the same as it is today. Over the past decade, Nova has experienced tremendous growth, acquiring two companies, significantly increasing its revenue and employee count, and shifting its technology direction and product lines. Yet, one constant remains: commitment to innovation ... » read more

Ion Implantation Applications For In-Line SIMS Metrology

By Wei Ti Lee, Sarah Okada, Lawrence Rooney, Feng Zhang, and Benjamin Hickey In the semiconductor industry, ion implantation process has expanded to a wide range of applications with doses and energies spanning several orders of magnitude. Ion implantation is a very complicated process with many parameters and factors that affect the implant profile. For example, shadowing effects from high... » read more

A New Dimension In Optical CD

One of the biggest challenges for nanoscale fabrication is how to measure devices on such a minute scale. As the semiconductor industry demands ever smaller devices, the need for reliable, robust measurements for quality control and process optimization increases. One robust and commonly used technique in semiconductor manufacturing is optical critical dimension (OCD) metrology. Standard, al... » read more