Brave New World Of Mobility

Self-driving cars are no longer a vision of the future. At the 2015 ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, visitors had the chance to test a car in which a device from automotive supplier Valeo took over the driving, steering, accelerating, and breaking. And not only on testing grounds, but also on Bordeaux’s busy A630 highway. The ITS World Congress, the largest trade event in the intelligent tr... » read more

How To Prevent Identity Theft

It is a well-known fact: Internet usage is booming. 3.2 billion people are online, while more than 7 billion mobile phones are subscribed worldwide. With the rise of activities such as browsing, shopping and online banking, Internet-based crime is on the rise, too. Cifas, a fraud prevention agency based in London, stated that more than 80% of identity theft was attempted or perpetrated onlin... » read more

The Promise Of NFC For Industry 4.0

There have been several points, in the history of manufacturing, when technology has truly revolutionized the way products are made. In the early part of the 20th century, the steam engine and electrification led to mass production, and in the 1970s, when robotics, computers, and other types of automation came on the scene, productivity got another big boost. Since then, though, technology has ... » read more

Talking Machines: NFC On The Factory Floor

The emergence of smart manufacturing facilities – what some term the fourth industrial revolution, or Industrial 4.0 – is creating a new level of automation in the factory, with intelligent object networking, independent process manufacturing, and frequent use of interactions between the real and virtual worlds. These trends are changing how manufacturers manage their production networks, a... » read more

Connected Car Of The Future Stella Gets London Debut

By Martijn van der Linden At NXP we feel it’s vital that for the connected car to have a future we need to begin openly discussing the issues of security and privacy. The roundtable discussion at The Crystal was chaired by industry analyst Dr. Charles V Clarke and featured contributions from Ferry Smith, Director Public Affairs, Royal Dutch Touring club ANWB, Lars Reger, Vice President, H... » read more

USA ‘In’ For Chip And Pin

Chip and PIN (or EMV) technology is on its way to a checkout near you whether your retailer likes it or not. With credit card fraud a growing problem for consumers, the USA is about to take the same major step up towards reducing it that was taken by most European countries over a decade ago. Seems logical, so why all the furore around implementing it? At the moment almost all American o... » read more

Plastic Is Dead, Long Live Plastic

This year more than 300bn non-cash payment transactions will take place globally, representing over 50% of all payments. Of these, 300bn plus non-cash transactions, over 200bn, will be made with a plastic payment card; that is a debit, credit, or pre-paid card. Of the 3.5bn payment cards issued this year, over 2bn will be chip cards. But the question is whether the chip cards that are repla... » read more

Double Trouble

By Joon Knapen I read a story recently about a BBC journalist in Africa who was the victim of an imposter that had taken to posing as him on local radio stations. The unsuspecting radio hosts accommodated him because they were unaware of what the real Mohaman Babalala looked like and claimed his accent sounded similar. While the journalist took this incident in good humor it reminds us abou... » read more