It’s All In the Sequence

No project team wants a “Houston, we have a problem,” moment. And yet, they happen all too frequently, even though there could be a tool to avoid that heart-in-mouth situation. The real-life Houston moment, brought dramatically to life in the 1995 movie “Apollo 13,” occurred during what was meant to be the seventh manned mission of the NASA Apollo space program in 1970. It didn’t m... » read more

Making Way For Register Specification Software

No one gives much thought to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning registers in the house –– typically, two in each room, one for supply, the other for return. That is, until the lever in each needs to be manually adjusted to modulate the temperature to be hotter or colder, or the seasons change and the filters with them. Alas, registers in hardware design seem to have gotten the... » read more

The Ultimate Shift Left

Albert Einstein defined it well: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I have come across several semiconductor development teams, especially those in Fortune 500 companies, who do not have time to change their design process. They often cite various reasons such as: • Too busy with the current project. • What we have is working, so... » read more

The Beginning

We all want our creations to transcend time. Our products, our designs—even our specifications. Specifications are more than just ideas or collections of requirements or static collections of implementation details. They live inside many chips and many designs, and the more flexible and portable they are, the longer they remain relevant. End devices may be replaced relatively quickly, but ... » read more