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Chip Economics

Benefits of on-chip interconnects and the tradeoffs between internally developed solutions versus commercial NoCs.


The concise research paper, “NoC Interconnect Improves SoC Economics: Initial Investment is Low Compared to SoC Performance and Cost Benefits,” by Objective Analysis Semiconductor Market Research, provides quantitative data from user experiences comparing the costs and benefits of implementing network on chip SoC interconnects versus traditional bus and crossbar interconnects.

You will learn how:

  1. The economic benefits of network on chip interconnects were at least an order of magnitude larger than the initial outlay to license the technology
  2. “Free” or internally-developed interconnect solutions will cost more than a commercial NoC interconnect IP solution
  3. Adopting NoC interconnect IP pays for itself in the first design
  4. This concise paper explains everything the reader needs to know to assess the economics of adopting network on chip interconnect technology for SoCs.

To view this research paper, click here.

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