Chiplets – Taking SoC Design Where No Monolithic IC Has Gone Before

Why changes in the ecosystem are making this a cost-effective solution for different end markets.


The chiplet movement is a reaction to the rapidly changing IC landscape and the current IC fabrication realities. Engineers are increasingly realizing that it makes little sense to integrate every IP block in a system on one piece of silicon if the fit is poor. There are many advantages with monolithic silicon integration, but those advantages are rapidly being outweighed by the economics of building advanced technology ICs. It is extremely expensive and time consuming to integrate, validate, and tapeout chips that can only be justified with high volume demand. More importantly, adding functionality or creating variations to support multiple end products increases die size and costs. Chiplets are becoming an alternative solution. Fortunately, the ecosystem for chiplets is quickly developing to provide companies a new tool to create highly optimized and cost effective solutions for their various end markets.

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