CryptoManager IoT Device Management

How to implement end-to-end security for IoT device chipsets and cloud-based platform-as-a-service.


The Internet of Things (IoT) market is caught in the difficult position of needing security, but, due to the fractured nature of the market, do not have an easy way of implementing a robust security solution. The Rambus CryptoManager IoT Device Management is a turnkey device-to-cloud solution that provides seamless end-to-end secure connectivity throughout all stages of the device life-cycle. Specific features include device identification and mutual authentication, disaster recovery and key management, device attestation, and decommissioning and re-assignment of keys to better manage devices and mitigate various attacks. The CryptoManager IoT Device Management solution is pre-integrated with the IoT device chipsets and popular cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), creating an easily integrated and deployed solution. When a device is powered up and connected to the internet, it automatically connects to the IoT Device Management service, seamlessly authenticates, and provisions relevant security credentials.

To accommodate the various requirements of OEMs and service providers, the Rambus CryptoManager IoT Device Management provides flexible deployments. Rambus provides all the required components to enable seamless integration for both the OEM and service provider, creating a one-stop-shop for IoT security.

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