Cyberon Speech Recognition Technology – Light Bulb

How a non-connected speech recognition solution can be used to control a light bulb.


The purpose of a design journey is to show, in a demonstrative way, how to incorporate the technology into a design. The base designs are by definition very simple to highlight the new technology and how it can be incorporated easily. Distinct lines are drawn between the application and the technology so the reader can more generalize how to incorporate it in their own design.

Our goal with this Design Journey is to create a control for an LED-based light bulb based on the Renesas RA6/4/2 device family running Cyberon DSpotter for Voice User Interface (VoiceUI) technology. This technology is a non-connected speech recognition solution; it runs totally on the local MCU. While this limits its vocabulary and natural language support, it also allows for speech control of devices that are not connected to the cloud. To accomplish this, we will design and build a circuit that can plug into any of the RA-Voice kit boards via the PMOD connector and write software to support the design. The software project accompanying this Design Journey is targeting the RA6 Voice Kit.

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