Cybersecurity: The Case For Hardware-Based Threat Detection And Mitigation

Using on-chip and off-chip analytics to identify suspicious behavior.


The requirements of cyberphysical systems place great responsibility on design teams. Their mission-critical roles in controlling mechanical systems, from aircraft though motor vehicles to industrial plants, have always called for safety-focused design. As these systems have become connected to the internet, safety has become intertwined with security.

One mechanism for detecting suspicious transactions is to implement advanced security functionality in the operating system or hypervisor of each processor core in each chip and the wider system. While this is likely necessary, it is unlikely to be sufficient. Detecting these intrusions effectively throughout the life of the system requires monitoring at the hardware level.

By implementing the hardware-based security features of the Embedded Analytics platform – responsive security IP, a unique range of on-chip monitors, a secure message infrastructure and advanced threat mitigation enabled by combining the Embedded SDK with on- and off-chip analytics – mission-critical systems can be secured, by design, through their full lifecycle.

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