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Delivering Functional Verification Engagements

A proven, systematic and assured approach.


With the advent of smarter and higher performing devices, there has been a tremendous increase in design complexity. Driven by new high-end hardware feature and intelligent software requirements, these devices are comprised of multi-core processors and a multitude of interface IP, memory and other analog circuitry, communicating via many different interface protocols. This poses a huge challenge in terms of scoping, resource planning and delivering a bug-free design. To address these technical challenges (as depicted in Figure 1) within budget and schedule, the emphasis on first-pass silicon success is paramount – which calls for a thoroughly verified design. To transform an optimal specification to a fully verified system, you need a rich package of industry-proven tools and reliable methodologies combined with an experienced team of verification specialists.

This white paper provides insight into the challenges and need for a robust functional verification infrastructure, plus a means to achieve closure by leveraging Synopsys’ suite of high-end tools and applications. Additionally, best practices followed by Synopsys Professional Services consultants to deliver advanced SoC/ASIC verification solutions to leading customers are explained. To read more, click here.

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