designHUB: Design Reuse Made Real

Why companies need to reassess legacy processes, tools and design management methodologies.


It’s no secret: You can’t get to market quickly or efficiently without integrating and re-using IP technology in your system-on-chip (SoC) design. In the past 10 years alone, design re-use has doubled to the point where today you’ll find more than 150 reused blocks comprising 60-70% of the die area in an average SoC.

The companies most successful with their IP-reuse strategies are those that adhere to three core principles:

• Leverage existing commercial and internally developed IP resources to maximize design efficiency
• Establish clear, transparent communications channels to help teams respond quickly to problems and solve them
• Exploit the wisdom of crowds to optimize IP and design processes.

This methodology is simple and sound. So why isn’t it common practice? One answer lies in legacy practices of global engineering teams and the quirky characteristics of human nature. But to elevate engineering teams to the next level—to make design reuse real—companies need to re-assess those legacy processes, tools and design management methodologies.

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