Enabling ISO 26262 Qualification

A software tool qualification approach for system developers.


ISO 26262 focuses on the functional safety of electrical and electronic systems that are installed in series production passenger cars. This adaptation of IEC 61508 is for the automotive sector and affects all systems containing software- or hardware-based electrical, electronic, or electromechanical components. ISO 26262 covers many aspects of safety-related automotive software production, including the qualification of tools in the development process.

Neither IEC 61508 nor ISO 26262 require development tools to be certified or compliant to the safety standards because tools are not systems and
are therefore outside the scope of both safety standards. However, both standards require the system developer to establish that all tools used during development do not violate any system safety requirements according to the appropriate system safety integrity level (SIL) or automotive safety integrity level (ASIL).

This document provides an overview of the software tool qualification approach outlined in ISO 26262 as it pertains to Cadence software tools. It also describes documentation that will be provided to help the system developer develop a valid safety argument for the tool chain that includes Cadence tools.

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