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Field Testing In 5G NR

Find how 5G New Radio (NR) impacts the field testing and assessment of QoE and radio network performance and learn the 5G NR key technological concepts.


5G NR network coverage measurements will be beam-based instead of cell-based. This will change the methodology of coverage KPI calculation. The amount of reference signals in the air is increasing as there will be multiple reference beams per cell, posing more stringent performance requirements for scanning receivers and test UEs. Both test UEs and scanners will be needed for 5G NR field verification. A scanner is a good tool for SSB reference beam coverage measurements, but UE-based active field testing is needed for the verification of the rest of the functionalities, including traffic channel beams, QoS/QoE, mobility, and LTE interoperability. Keysight is working with all major scanner vendors and UE/chipset vendors to provide field test solutions for 5G NR.

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