Gemmini: Open-source, Full-Stack DNN Accelerator Generator (DAC Best Paper)


This technical paper titled “Gemmini: Enabling Systematic Deep-Learning Architecture Evaluation via Full-Stack Integration” was published jointly by researchers at UC Berkeley and a co-author from MIT.  The research was partially funded by DARPA and won DAC 2021 Best Paper.

The paper presents Gemmini, “an open-source, full-stack DNN accelerator generator for DNN workloads, enabling end-to-end, fullstack implementation and evaluation of custom hardware accelerator systems for rapidly evolving DNN workloads. Gemmini’s hardware template and parameterization allows users to tune the hardware design options across a broad spectrum spanning performance, efficiency, and extensibility.”

Find the technical paper here and the DAC presentation video here.. Gemmini is open-sourced here.

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