How To Calculate The ROI Of Semiconductor IP Management

Three unique scenarios for how companies use IP-driven silicon development methodologies.


Intellectual property (IP) is a vital asset for technology companies. IP is often a critical factor in the valuation of a company and must be protected from accidental damage, leakage, and other negative consequences of poor handling. In the context of silicon companies that work on building silicon chips, the term IP involves overseeing both internal IP developed by the company itself and external IP licensed and leveraged from third-party vendors to make the product. Effective and efficient IP management is even more critical in the era of the growing complexity of the products while shrinking development and release cycles.

In this white paper, we discuss how classifying IPs by development methodology unlocks insights into the ROI on IP management. We dive into three unique scenarios showcasing how companies use IP-driven silicon development methodology and have different challenges and goals. Consequently, the metrics to calculate IP management ROI and track them are different, too. For this reason, each organization requires a custom ROI calculator to invest in IP management and achieve significant results. Investing in IP management is an investment in your future.

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