Internet of Things (IoT) E-Book

A modular design approach for IoT designers and engineers with little RF experience.


The wide range of internet of things (IoT) applications in development today are made possible by smart devices operating across different network configurations, frequencies, power requirements, and protocols. Developing cost-effective IoT solutions requires a smart, organized approach to radio and antenna integration within a design flow that may have little to do with traditional RF product development. Many IoT designers are utilizing off-the-shelf, pre-certified modules to circumvent some of the technical challenges such as RF integration and emission compliance, as well as development costs associated with such a wide range of devices and networks. Even with this modular approach, integrating a transceiver modem, RF front-end components, and antenna(s) within a size-restricted enclosure is a sensitive design effort that is increasingly being tackled by engineers with little or no RF design experience.

AWR software provides engineers with the RF simulation, automation, and access to knowledge (through online training videos and tutorials) to tackle these challenges from a methodical and low-risk approach. Using a modular design approach, engineers can focus on combining all the relevant components in the RF signal path, including the supporting printed-circuit board (PCB) substrate and/or the device enclosure, into a hierarchical simulation network for analysis prior to manufacturing and test.

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