Multicolored Nanocolloidal Hydrogel Inks For Anti-Counterfeiting

Special ink for anti-counterfeiting protection.


“Nanocolloidal gels are emerging as a promising class of materials with applications as inks in 2D and 3D printing. Polymer nanoparticles (NPs) offer many advantages as potential building blocks of nanocolloidal gels, due to the ability to control NP dimensions, charge, surface chemistry, and functionality; however, their applications as inks in printing are yet to be explored. Here, functional nanocolloidal hydrogels formed by percolating oppositely charged latex NPs with different dimensions and charge densities are reported. The shear-thinning and self-healing properties of the nanocolloidal gels and the mechanical properties of the resulting printed films are examined. NP functionality is achieved by covalently labeling them with different fluorescent dyes that emit at two distinct wavelengths. Using these NPs, a facile route for 3D printing of multicolored fluorescence patterns is shown, with each color being visualized under a specific, well-defined excitation wavelength.”

Find the technical paper link here and additional summary here.

Sofia M. Morozova,Tatiana G. Statsenko,Egor O. Ryabchenko,Albert Gevorkian,Vahid Adibnia,Maksim S. Lozhkin,Alexey V. Kireynov,Eugenia Kumacheva.
First published: 29 September 2021.

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